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Description: This series of lessons discusses strategies in order to be successful as well as how to turn a situation into a win-win-win and how networking can be an indispensable business tool in sales. It is 2 hours long and includes multiple tools to test the understanding of key concepts.
Objectives: Understand the role of selling in everyday life
Understand the importance of branding to sales
Discuss the role of selling in the economy and an organization
Understand the different types of selling channels and environments
Know the advantages and disadvantages of each sales type
Understand why relationships are so important in selling
Explain the concept of adaptive selling and how to use it
Explain how networking builds relationships and businesses
Assessment: inline quizzes
Topics: Connecting Sales and Branding to Achieve Success
Understanding Sales as a Career
Identifying the Traits of a Successful Salesperson
Effective Selling in Any Situation
Understanding the Benefits of Consultative Selling
Using Adaptive Selling to Make the Sale
Establishing Trust with Customers
Resources: course is appropriate for:
Everyone; Salespeople; New Employees
Other information: Course features:
Accessibility Features; Audio Narration; Inline Quizzes; Video
Learning method: online, self-paced
Language: English
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